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Keep On Rolling with OEM Tires

Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a car, except by gear heads or those who are really into their cars. But for the average person, the only time they pay attention is when you get a flat. And you know what, that’s mostly okay. You should definitely be checking your tire pressure regularly, but if you find yourself with a flat that can’t be fixed and need new tires, best get ones that will last and not aftermarket tires that will be flat in a year.

Come to Johnson City Toyota and invest in genuine Toyota OEM tires.

You’ll immediately see a difference when you slip these on, whether it’s in your overall performance or fuel efficiency, but you’ll see it. And when you do, you will never turn back to cheap, aftermarket stuff. So when it’s time to replace your car’s tires, do it the right way with OEM tires from Johnson City Toyota.

Order your tires today from our Parts Center on Bristol Hwy!

Don’t disregard that pulling or tugging feeling from your car. That’s a big sign that your wheels are out of alignment. This can result in many things, the worst being loss of control. Get your car back on the straight and narrow at Johnson City Toyota.

Tire rotations are a lot more important than you realize. By not rotating your tires, you could be sacrificing control of your car. Rotate your tires regularly at Johnson City Toyota and avoid any problems before they get worse.

Whether you are replacing dead tires or just want to upgrade to better ones, Johnson City Toyota has got your back! Order any genuine OEM Toyota tires you want right from our website and we’ll put them on for you at our service center on Bristol Hwy!