Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

Despite your best efforts, you may notice streaks on your car windows immediately after the cleaning session. Clean and clear car windows are essential for safe driving. So, you shouldn’t cut corners when doing the job. Instead of relying on improper cleaning products or inefficient methods, follow the tips given below to give a sparkling shine to your car windows. 

Be Thorough and Efficient

Cleaning the car windows is a cumbersome yet essential task. Hence, you shouldn’t try to complete it in a jiffy. Instead, take plenty of time to clean each window thoroughly so there won’t be any streaking or staining afterward. Clean the windows in each direction and avoid circular motion that leaves more streaks. Most importantly, do not spray the washer liquid directly on the glass. Pour it on the cleaning towel to clean the windows properly. 

Clean with a Microfiber Towel

Always prefer using a tight-weave microfiber towel to remove the signs of streaks or tough stains from car windows. It allows better scrubbing without scratching the surface. Do not use cheap quality microfiber fabrics that shed their fibers. When cleaning with this scrubber, dampen one end of the cloth to wipe the window gently while using the dry end to remove streaking. Follow this method for both outside and inside of the windows but with a gentle approach only. 

Clean Away From the Sun

Cleaning your car and windows under the direct sunlight is never a good idea. It leaves behind small white streaks caused by the cleaning agents of your washing medium. The liquid dries up on the glass surface and formula evaporates fast after applying it under the direct sun. So, park your car in the shade or choose an overcast day for cleaning the windows without streaks. 

Roll Down the Side Windows

The side windows need to be absolutely clean for proper visibility. Therefore, you need better access to every section of the window inside out when wiping it clean. This can be done by rolling the windows down up to halfway. It’s more practical and effective. 

Thoroughly Clean the Windshield

Whether the climate is dusty, rainy, or snowy, you need a clear vision of the road for safe driving. This is the reason you need a flawless windshield in your car. To keep your windshield and wipers in top condition, wipe them clean with a soft cloth. Clean the blades with the wet microfiber towel and use an additive that enhances dirt-removal capability of your washing medium. For winter, choose additives with an anti-freeze feature for protection. 

Clean With High-Quality Products

Clean your car windows with automotive glass cleaners only. Generic window cleaners can leave more stains or streaks on the surface. Also, choose ammonia-free glass cleaners if your car has tinted window glass. Ammonia-based cleaners can be harmful to the tinting and they can dry out the rubber seals as well. So, buy solvent-free cleaners that are totally safe. 

With these functional and practical tips, you can clean your car windows without any streaks at all.

October 23, 2019
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