Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family

Autumn brings sweater season, the sweet aroma of pumpkin pies baking in the oven and of course Thanksgiving dinner. Say goodbye to the scorching heat and welcome fall by participating in a wide range of seasonal activities. The activities listed below are ideal for your entire family!

1. Take Your Family to a Fall Harvest Festival

Fall harvest festivals are one of the parts of this season and are usually held during October or November. Showcasing a number of in-house events, these festivals have something in store for every member of your family. Moreover, they leave you feeling cheery and content.

2. Participate in a Family 5k Run

Preparing for a short run or even a long marathon requires you to train for a certain length of time. This is exactly why signing up for a 5k run is a great idea. It prompts your entire family to wake up earlier in the day and start preparing for the marathon. Such physical activity will greatly benefit you as well as help you develop a deeper connection with your loved ones.

3. Send Your Little Ones on a Scavenger Hunt

One of the best parts of a scavenger hunt is that they can be designed to exhibit a theme. Theme the hunt after the season and task your tiny tots with collecting a whole host of objects related to fall. This can include everything from fallen pinecones to orange leaves, ripe acorns hidden by squirrels and even some sweet and juicy crabapples. The child who locates and gathers each of these items before everyone else is the winner! As parents, you can chaperone your young ones as they set off on this backyard quest for a merry time.

4. Bake Snacks for Your Closest Neighbors

Fall is a season to bond with your relatives and neighbors as well as your family. Hence, cooking up a storm in the kitchen lets you gift your loved ones a merry autumn present. If you know that your pumpkin pie or cherry tarts have been well received, show your neighbors some love with sweet treats and homemade tasty dishes. It is a great way to promote a feeling of community as well as a lesson in sharing for your little ones.

5. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen

The holiday season is all about togetherness and kindness. Volunteering at the soup kitchen with your family is a great way to spend an afternoon indulging in community service. It will aid your kids in appreciating every small blessing they have and becoming a little more sensitive towards the plight of others. As a special treat, you can drive down with your own homemade muffins or chocolate brownies for the unfortunate homeless folks.

The final item on your checklist is to ensure that your vehicle has sufficient oil and a functioning cooling system to make sure that you will be comfortable during your drive!

October 2, 2019
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